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The Thirteen Steps will introduce fundamental principles of human behavior to assist young men and recently separated or divorced men to master their interpersonal relationships with women. This work is designed for young men in the dating phase of life to experiment with these principles and use them as a means to better understand how women will react or behave under a variety of circumstances. Men will learn to gain control over their relationships by understanding how women will react to different impulses. In addition, men will learn the virtues of being a man and how to take accountability of their own actions. As young men navigate the dating landscape, they will inevitably encounter many different women. Men will be educated on how to identify good women, how to avoid traps set by unscrupulous women, how to recognize women seeking long term committed relationships, and those just seeking short term gratification. The Thirteen Steps are intended to give men the understanding and confidence to know when they have met their dream girl, and how to go about developing a long lasting and loving relationship with her that is established on a solid foundation of respect and trust. No part of this book is intended to be used as a vehicle for manipulation.

The subject matter for this book has been inspired by observing a generation of bright, well-educated male undergraduate and graduate students stumble and fall while navigating the modern dating world. It has become very clear, based on these experiences, that young men are not being taught the skills they need to confidently step into social circles with young women and develop healthy interpersonal relationships. Young men will learn to avoid relationship traps set by unsrupulous women, that include manipulation, codependence, and fraud.

There are three facets of the Thirteen Steps that make it unique. 1) The thirteen steps is exclusively written for and speaks directly to men. In no way does this work attempt to be politically correct and water down the message in an attempt to protect the sensibilities of women. To the contrary, the only consideration given to the content of this work is how to best help men. 2) The academic literature has been extensively researched, and the human behavior principles presented are derived from evidence based research. The research content is broken down into easy to understand principles for the lay person to easily grasp ahold of. This work includes approximately 80 citations to academic and popular publications. Based on these principles, concrete recommendations for action are made. The presentation and writing style of Dale Carnegie have been attempted as a model for making actionable recommendations. 3) An entire chapter has been devoted to using electronic communication to manage and enhance relationships.

It is my goal that young men and recently divorced men who embrace the Thirteen Steps will forge exemplary interpersonal relationships with confidence and ease. Fulfilling and spirited interpersonal relationships will open the door to the grand experiences life offers.

With Best Wishes,

Anthony Servadio


Anthony Servadio
holds bachelor, master, and PhD degrees in Science and Engineering. He served the military as a naval reserve officer for more than ten years, has traveled the world, and has been a professional educator for over twenty years. Anthony resides in Virginia.